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Hello Lamp Post #321

Good afternoon! Can you answer a question - what would be your super power and why?

Photosynthesis, so that eating would be purely for pleasure!

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What is Hello Lamp Post?

Hello Lamp Post is a playful platform, inviting people to strike up conversations with familiar street furniture using text messages or Facebook Messenger, bringing to light the hidden stories of their cities.

By using the thousands of pre-existing identifier codes that label items of street furniture across a whole city, people can have unique conversations with particular objects, including (but not limited to) lamp posts, post boxes, bollards, manholes, bins, or telegraph poles.

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Hello Lamp Post is a flexible and scalable system that can easily travel from one location to another, offering people from all around the world the chance to have interesting, surprising and often funny conversations with the street furniture that they pass by every day.

Hello Lamp Post encourages people to look at the city with fresh eyes and engage with systems we often take for granted – a chance for us to slow down, reflect and see the city as a playground.

From a hectic one-night event in Tokyo to a 10 week project in Austin, Hello Lamp Post is an adaptable system that can easily be taken around the world and placed in virtually any location.

Now having been installed in over 10 cities, Hello Lamp Post is ongoing, with installations scheduled for the rest of this year and beyond. Would you be interested in taking it to your city? Please click here!

Pick an Object

Look out for a street object with a code on it.

Say Hello

Send a text in this format: “Hello” + Object Name + #Code e.g. “Hello Bin #B6291”.

Keep Talking

You’ll soon get a reply. Answer the object’s questions and learn what other people have to say.


Since being created in 2013, Hello Lamp Post has traveled around the world and visited many cities as part of festivals, events or as a stand-alone project.

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