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Hello Lamp Post #321

Good afternoon! Can you answer a question - what would be your super power and why?

Photosynthesis, so that eating would be purely for pleasure!


What is Hello Lamp Post?

We are a playful platform with a flexible and scalable system, inviting people to strike up conversations with familiar street objects using text messages or Facebook Messenger, encouraging people to look at the city with fresh eyes and see it as a playground.

By using the thousands of pre-existing identifier codes that label items of street objects across a whole city, people can have interesting, surprising and often funny conversations with particular objects, including (but not limited to) lamp posts, post boxes, bollards, manholes, bins or telegraph poles.

How It Works

How It Works


Pick an Object

Look out for a street object.


Say Hello

Send a text in this format: “Hello” + Object Name + #Code e.g. “Hello Bin #B6291”..


Keep Talking

You’ll soon get a reply. Answer the object’s questions and learn what other people have to say.

Our Role in Cities


Community Engagement

  • Feedback loop between cities and citizens
  • Engagement and collaborative ideation of community priorities
  • Promotion of local events, activities and services
  • Empowering voices of local communities and individuals

Way-finding & Storytelling

  • Adding playful layers to urban spaces
  • Creation of interactive reference points
  • City way-finding and informative exploring
  • Engagement tool for specific campaigns and initiatives

Urban Planning Engagement

  • Co-creation of urban planning and inclusive social spaces
  • Gathering continuous feedback on the planning process
  • Creating transparent and human-centric cities
  • Engagement and consultation around smart city initiatives

Culture & Tourism

  • Story sharing between visitors, citizens and cultural hubs
  • Educate and strengthen cities cultural narratives
  • Encouring visitors to discover local stories and landmarks, while bringing them to life
  • Personalised and shareable experience of a cities past and future
Our Projects

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Excited and proud to be apart of Facebook's incubator programme LDN_LAB: Deep Tech for Good cohort!

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Street objects have been waking up in cities around the world, engaging residents, tourists and communities.

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Get In Touch

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