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Civic Tech: Direct democracy made possible


Any excitement over developments in technology is usually reserved for labour-saving gadgets, automatism, and future utopias. Often overlooked is civic technology, which has the potential to have an overwhelmingly positive impact on our lives through expanding democracy and increasing citizen engagement.

Civic Tech: Direct democracy made possible2022-11-18T16:05:32+00:00

How is Tech used for Good?


On Tuesday 29th September, Hello Lamp Post hosted its very first webinar 'Tech for Good', from the series 'Digitally Transforming the High Street'. We were also fortunate enough to have guest speakers from Microsoft, E.C.F and Southwark Council join the webinar, where they individually discussed their experiences in the tech industry and how their businesses were pushing the 'Tech for Good' movement forward.

How is Tech used for Good?2022-07-05T11:51:28+00:00

Planning For The Future


On the 6th August 2020, the UK Government published its White Paper which included proposals on how to reform England’s planning system. With its purpose to simplify, accelerate and modernise planning, three pillars of change were outlined: Planning for Development, Planning for Beautiful and Sustainable Places and Planning for Instructure, with the end goal to get Britain to “build, build, build”.

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