On Tuesday 29th September, Hello Lamp Post hosted its very first webinar ‘Tech for Good’, from the series ‘Digitally Transforming the High Street’. We were also fortunate enough to have guest speakers from MicrosoftE.C.F and Southwark Council join the webinar, where they individually discussed their experiences in the tech industry and how their businesses were pushing the ‘Tech for Good’ movement forward.

If you’re interested in listening to our webinar, click this link here to watch the full recording.

Image credit: Verdict

A phrase popularised in the UK by Paul Miller, formerly from Social Innovation Camps and now the CEO of Bethnal Green Ventures, ‘Tech for Good’ is all about positive potential and overcoming social, economic and environmental challenges. To put it even more simply, ‘Tech for Good’ has been defined as a celebration of businesses and people who have used tech which is user-led, to create positive end results for a community.

During this unprecedented climate, topics like the ‘Tech for Good’ movement have never been so important to our society. Hello Lamp Post therefore wanted to explore the concept further and specifically focus on how tech is being used to create positive social change on the high street, especially now that businesses need to adopt new strategies and approaches to be successful in a post-covid world.

Image credit: Startups Magazine

So, why is tech so important to businesses and our society?

  • Technology saves you time and effort.
  • Advanced technologies have the potential to not only raise productivity and GDP growth, but they also have the potential to improve well-being, reduce disruption and increase longevity.
  • “Government action is key to managing technology transitions and encouraging innovation. Governments can make a significant difference through adopting technologies in the public sector that will improve the quality and efficiency of services and hasten broader diffusion in society”.
  • By improving the infrastructure of technology, digital platforms and tools can help connect citizens and push for digital adoptions.

What we discussed in our webinar:

  • Digitising the high street has never been so important – it is thought that by 2050 more than 60% of the world’s population will live in cities.
  • Embracing a digital world – how our guest speakers have helped innovate our world through digital experiences and how the coronavirus pandemic is transforming how we shop and engage, meaning that businesses need to be innovative in order to stay competitive.
  • What value does AI bring to businesses, especially as it is estimated that 80% of emerging technologies will involve AI by 2021.
  • Question time – we asked our guest speakers specific questions about their business experience using ‘Tech for Good’, and opened the floor to any questions from our attendees.

To conclude, it was great to hear from our speakers on how they are helping to digitally transform the world which we live – in one way or another, we’re all on the same mission to help grow the ‘global Tech for Good’ movement and make the world a better place.

Over the next few months, we will be hosting several more webinars, so if you’re keen to get involved and become a guest speaker, we’d love to hear from you, so please get in touch. Equally, if you’re interested in finding out more or want to chat with Hello Lamp Post, drop us a message: contact@hlp.city