Hello Lamp Post has recently teamed up with Southwark Council and Traverse, to support their work in tackling the climate crisis. Southwark Council reinforced its commitment to combating carbon emissions and the rising global temperatures by joining the ‘Climate Change Campaign’ and declaring a Climate Change Emergency, last year. Over the last 10 years, the local council has been working to reduce its emissions by cutting them by 37% since 2010, with the hope to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030.

Why is it so important that Southwark plays its part?

It is a necessity that Southwark plays its part in tackling the Climate Emergency as the crisis will have a direct impact on the residents of the neighbourhood. Southwark is a low-lying borough next to the River Thames, which means that the area will be inevitably prone to the impact of rising sea levels and flooding, caused by global warming. In addition to this, there are several major roads with heavy traffic flows that run through the borough that offer access to and from central London. Unfortunately, these vehicle exhaust fumes are having a direct impact on the sustainability of the area and is the main cause for the majority of the air pollution in Southwark.

Introducing ‘Hello Climate Emergency’:

Our Hello Lamp Post platform is also being used to complement a live consultation setup by the council, with the objective to: achieve maximum engagement, specifically from under-represented communities within the area and collect data and insights from the borough as a whole.

Let us know your thoughts on how we can tackle the climate crisis, together, by keeping an eye out for our Hello Lamp Post signage around Southwark from 2nd October 2020.

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