At Hello Lamp Post, we take immense pride in providing an unparalleled service to our valued clients. Today, we’re excited to introduce you to one of our clients, Michelle Valeri, who has kindly agreed to share her experience of Hello Lamp Post’s product and service, and how our partnership is helping Colfax Business Improvement District to achieve their goals with confidence and satisfaction

What makes it hard for organizations like Colfax to reach their audience?

Organizations like ours are often serving and interacting with a variety of audiences simultaneously, from business and property owners to residents and tourists. It takes time and effort to make sure you’re not only reaching your audience, but also establishing trust with them. Hello Lamp Post (HLP) can be a great tool to help fill those gaps and assist with learning more about who you’re interacting with.

What are the main benefits you’re seeing from our service so far?

We’re connecting with people in the community who we might not reach otherwise. We’re also gaining valuable insights and perceptions about Colfax from people who are physically out on the street. Stumbling across a talking trash can is way more interesting and fun than running into a person on a corner asking you to take a survey.

What part of our offering gets you excited?

As a smaller organization (three full time staff), it’s challenging for us to do as much direct community outreach as we’d like. Hello Lamp Post allows us to not only engage with the community more, but gain valuable insights at the same time to help guide our work.

Do you see Hello Lamp Post as a long-term solution in Colfax Ave?

Yes I do. We need to engage our audience 365 days a year, gathering feedback and input from people who directly experience our neighborhood. Using a location-based tool like Hello Lamp Post is helping us to achieve just that.

As a BID it’s also important that we regularly update our messaging to reflect what’s happening around the local area, for example our upcoming events. With Hello Lamp Post, we can refresh our interactive conversations throughout the year, based on our priorities at that moment. This feature is great for us, as it helps us stay current and offers our audience new topics of conversation on a very regular basis.

Can you provide an example of a time you were wowed by Hello Lamp Post and why?

Since learning about HLP, I’ve been very impressed with the potential the software has to help every type of organization, especially downtown organizations. Very few tools have the ability to educate, inform, and gather insights – all while making the experience fun, interactive, and accessible.