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Better connect people, place and information

Improve customer service efficiencies, reveal audience insights and provide easier access to location-specific information.


What’s the problem?

Today, people expect responsive, user-led services, but engagement can be costly and time-consuming.

It’s challenging to share information about local areas and services, whilst gathering real-time feedback and insights from diverse audiences. As a result, organisations often rely on:

  • Town Hall Meetings
  • Expensive Research Projects
  • Marketing Campaigns & Awareness Events

What’s the solution?

Hello Lamp Post is a two-way communication platform that can reach any member of your community, using their mobile phone.

By automating your services, we’ll turn your community spaces into a new communication channel.

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A global provider, working primarily in the United Kingdom, United States and Australia

  • Environmental/ Waste Management
  • Walking Trails/ Virtual Tour Guides
  • Visitor Recommendations
  • Smart Surveys
  • Customer Reviews
  • Reports – Maintenance, Security, Crime
  • Alerts
  • Competitions
  • Self-Assessment Quizzes

Community Engagement

Public Consultation

Way-Finding & Storytelling

Tourism & Cultural Storytelling


Sectors we serve

Healthcare and Emergency Services

Healthcare & Emergency Services

Retail & Property Development

Visitor Experience & Tourism

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How does it work?

Pick an object

Look out for any street object or urban environment with a QR code on it.

Chat and say hello

Scan the QR code or send a message via SMS, Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp.

Keep talking

You’ll soon get a reply. Keep chatting to learn more and provide your feedback.

This innovative and fun technology has provided another avenue for the Harbour Trust to connect with our community and visitors.

Sydney Harbour Federation Trust

To make visiting the RUH or having a stay in hospital the best possible experience, it’s essential to find out from our patients what we’re doing well and where improvements could be made. We’re hopeful that this project will give patients and visitors a quick and convenient way to share feedback with us while they wait for their appointment.

Jo Miller, Chief Nursing Information Officer, NHS Royal United Hospital Bath

Finding new and interesting ways to engage people is key. And using Hello Lamp Post technology will help make us more relevant to a newer audience who prefer texting.

Liz Taylor, Flood Resilience Engagement Advisor, Environment Agency

Bringing Hello Lamp Post to downtown Iowa City opens up additional ways for anyone visiting the area to interact with the district. It’s a fun way to engage with public spaces, which is also more accessible and easier to use.

Betsy Potter, Director of Creative Services, Iowa City Downtown District
New technologies have transformed how visitors can engage with a destination, and enable the tourism industry to look at creative and innovative ways to deliver experiences for our visitors which are authentic, compelling and memorable.
Tourism NI
People’s answers are recorded and then passed on to future users, thereby creating a dialogue between inhabitants and their city. All this was to help people reconnect with their surroundings and challenge them to think differently about the objects they pass everyday.
Huffington Post

Hello Lamp Post has modernised and scaled our ability to engage a wider community more often. We plan on further deploying Hello Lamp Post on many other consultations and engagement projects, including the next phase of our liveable neighbourhoods work.

John Stanton, London Borough of Ealing Council