The playful platform that lets you chat to street objects.

How It Works

  • Pick an Object

    Pick an Object

    Look out for any street object with a QR code on it or a yellow sign.

  • Say Hello

    Say Hello

    Scan the code or send a message via SMS, Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp.

  • Keep Talking

    Keep Talking

    You'll soon get a reply from the friendly object. Keep chatting to learn about the area and provide opinions and feedback on its questions.

Hello Lamp Post Conversation

What is Hello Lamp Post?

Hello Lamp Post encourages people to look at their city with fresh eyes. It gives citizens a chance to slow down, reflect and feedback to their city, empowering them to take back ownership and influence its future development. Hello Lamp Post makes the planning of our cities more centred around citizens’ needs and ideas, and enables the true co-creation of our urban environments.

How We Can Help

Bringing cities and their citizens closer together. Hello Lamp Post allows people to have two-way 'chats' with their surroundings, providing people with key local information, while gathering important perceptions, opinions and ideas. Hello Lamp Post helps increase participation and engagement in local decision making. Insights from interactions are anonymously shared with organisations such as local authorities to enable better informed decision making.

Community Engagement

Community Engagement

Public Consultation

Public Consultation

Way-Finding & Storytelling

Way-Finding & Storytelling

Tourism & Cultural Storytelling

Tourism & Cultural Storytelling

  • Hello Lamp Post is a poetic glimpse of what the future of user interaction will be in the ‘internet of things’, a technological vision where artefacts and physical environments are connected to the network

    Matt Webb

Street objects have been waking up in cities around the world, engaging residents, tourists and communities.

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