Making places interactive so you can effectively engage with your community

Why should people be restricted to information that’s only provided on a planning notice, a bronze plaque next to a statue or an information board in a car park? By inviting citizens to interact with the things that they use every day and the things that make up the world around them (for example: lamp posts, parking meters, bus stops, statues and shop fronts), we are encouraging the general public to better understand an area or space and give real-time feedback.

Through text-based mobile phone chats we are empowering communities to influence the future development of their local area, in the vision of those who use the area most.

How we can help



Gather real-time feedback


Change behaviours


Give useful instructions


Convert customers

Information sign


Share relevant information


Help the public report problems

Persona Types

What would you give a voice to?

Daily use objects

Give a voice to the familiar objects your community sees and interacts with.

Beloved objects

Bring to life to the special things your community are especially fond of.


Activate the places your community goes to live, work and enjoy themselves.

Virtual persona

No fixed location; can be accessed via social media, emails and other comms.

Website persona

This persona exists as a chat window on your website, ready to help and engage.

Our history

Hello Lamp Post LTD was founded in March 2018, but the idea existed before that, originally as a touring installation piece and provocation-point.

Originally we asked: What is the role of technology in making cities more people-friendly places? Today, our goal is to answer that question.

Since its inception, Hello Lamp Post has served more than 300,000 people. We’ve launched in over 60 locations, across 15 countries and 4 continents.

We’ve been supported by both Meta (Facebook) and Microsoft in our journey as a start-up. We hope one day to help every town, city and organisation to use their technology in a mindful, responsible way and help empower the communities they serve.

Benefits to our clients

  • Reduce operating costs
  • Inclusive way to gather diverse community insights and sentiment
  • Automate customer services
  • Change behaviours
  • Real-time access to valuable data
Hello Lamp Post hero image of a recent deployment

Our service

  • System setup and ongoing management
  • Data and insights reporting and visualisation
  • Project management, support and content moderation
  • Graphic Design; in-situ signage and promotional material
  • Technical development and hosting
  • System and UX testing
  • Custom content development