Navigating Resilience: Community Engagement in Flood, Coastal and Waterway Management

We know organisations can’t afford to staff real world services. This leads to inefficient services through missed insight, failure to meet mandatory engagement rates and frustration for visitors and service users. In today’s rapidly changing world, fostering strong connections between organisations and local communities is crucial. Hello Lamp Post offers an innovative solution designed to transform community engagement strategies, enabling environmental agencies and water companies, as well as local government to connect with their residents and consumers in a meaningful and impactful way.

Hello Lamp Post offers more than a communication tool – we’re creating positive change that’s better connecting people, places and information, with measurable outcomes. Our platform provides a unique bridge that facilities two-way communications, education and collaboration, all while promoting awareness and responsibilities around water and environmental resources.

Measurable outcomes Hello Lamp Post can track:

Increased reach and participation Reduction in engagement and operational costs • Improved service delivery Reduction in carbon footprint Improved insight into public behaviour

Flood Management

Coastal Management

Waterway Management

How Hello Lamp Post can make a difference to your engagement…

Interactive Conversations

We create communication touch-points in any public space. This means we can chat with your audience (in real-time) when they’re out in the ‘real world’, experiencing your services and local areas.

So, instead of waiting for people to come to you, try reaching them there, in the moment.

Educational Campaigns

When you deliver informative and engaging information, you can empower your audience to make informed choices and take active steps to protect their environment.

Topics can include everything from: sewer misuse, checking for leaks or how to reduce your carbon footprint.

Feedback and Insight

Gathering community insights, data and feedback is essential if you want to improve services, address concerns and stay better connected to your residents, vistors or consumers.

You can use this valuable data to refine strategies, policies and projects that better align with your community needs.

Promoting Behaviour Change

Hello Lamp Post can encourage communities to adopt more sustainable behaviours, at a much larger scale.

For example, it’s easy to share eco-friendly actions to reduce water usage or how to sign up to flood warnings.

Building a Sense of Ownership

Empowering your community to participate in the care and preservation of their surroundings fosters a sense of ownership.

Actively encourage your audience to contribute to the betterment of their environment.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Apply a data-driven approach to make better informed decisions when it comes to your local environment and community.

This can lead to more efficient resource allocation and the development of initiatives that directly address concerns/priorities.

Hello Environment Agency

Hello Lamp Post’s collaboration with the Environment Agency (EA) represents a significant step forward in leveraging technology for environmental education and fostering a stronger relationship between communities and their surrounding ecosystems.

We’ve partnered nationally with EA, and have achieved the following outcomes for the organisation since launching back in 2021:

  • Reduced engagement costs per capita by ~92%
  • EA have avoided a £1.24m spend on alternative engagement activities
  • Reduced carbon footprint by 20.71 tonnes
  • EA is now able to engage with the public 24/7/365
  • Increased community preparedness, engagement and reach
  • Improved insight into public behaviour; new public sentiment & opinion data
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