This week we’re announcing the first wave of companies joining our newly formed partnership programme. We’ll be working closely with five businesses who’s work aligns with our vision of creating more inclusive, democratic, human led cities. They are five very different businesses who, while complimenting what we do, also improve us in a range of ways. That might be in research rigour, data standards or driving scalable outcomes. Some of the partners announced today are people we’ve worked with before, others are new relationships where we see strong potential.

Why a Partnership Programme

The programme is a step towards joining up the wider ecosystem of tools and services that our customers are using. Long term our approaches must work in harmony if we’re to truly deliver citizen centric decision making for our customers. The more Hello Lamp Post grows, the clearer it becomes just how much work there is to do in citizen engagement alone, so partnering with organisations who specialise in comms, research, strategy and analytics free us up to deliver on our core strengths. By identifying like minded companies in our network we hope to improve our service and work with best in class providers across government and civic technology. In turn we hope that for them, our platform facilitates new and exciting ways of working.

What is the programme?

The programme establishes our intent to build ever closer relationships with our partners. As Nic Streatfield at GovMetric has been telling us, the future of Civic tech is interoperability, data sharing and collaboration. We increasingly see ourselves as a key tool in the engagement toolset, so it’s our responsibility to link with others to improve outcomes for our users and customers. Our partners know our platform and data almost as well as we do, so when we work together we’re co-designing outcomes for our customers that make the best use of our collective strengths from day one. Partners have access to a range of flexibility measures that mean, as well as improved outcomes, it’s often more time and cost effective to work with us in collaboration.

Early Progress

Though the partnerships are only just being announced, we’ve already made great progress in a number of areas. With DigiKind we’ve deployed a joint programme for Windsor and Maidenhead, our Partnership with ECF has led to a long term relationship with Sydney North Harbour Trust (see our TimeOut feature) who also happen to work with another of our new partners, Consultation Manager.


Introducing the Partners

Social Pinpoint / Consultation Manager


Social Pinpoint and Consultation Manager form the complete stakeholder and community engagement suite at MySite Group, enabling organisations to proactively manage their stakeholder’s views and opinions simply and efficiently to drive greater project outcomes. With more than 3000 clients in 11 countries, Consultation Manager and Social Pinpoint offer an all-in-one digital community engagement and stakeholder management platform to enable greater reach, diverse participation and collaboration to drive informed decision making.

James Moore – Managing Director said:
“Combined, Hello Lamp Post, Social Pinpoint and Consultation Manager bring a new era of public consultation to communities by meeting people where they already are; online or actively engaging in their community spaces. Evolving to meet the needs of communities enables our clients to gather greater feedback from diverse audiences and collect rich insights to drive informed decision-making in community building practices. In partnership with Hello Lamp Post, we continue to lead the industry in digital engagement, building connected and thriving communities.”



DigiKind empowers communities through digital transformation. They work with central government, local authorities, non-profits, startups, BIDs, and companies large and small to reach more people, focus on building community and drive footfall back to the high street. We’ve been working together for the last year and launched our first joint project in Windsor and Maidenhead in Q1 this year.

Kathy Kyle – Director said:

“Partnering with Hello Lamp Post has enabled us to include innovative technical and engagement expertise to our service offerings while also providing valuable audience insight. The addition of HLP clearly gives us a unique service proposition that makes us stand out from the competition, that adds the “wow” factor that our clients love.”


iPhone X in hand 9


GovMetric is the standard for customer experience measurement within the local government sector. They currently work with over 100 local authorities in the UK and EU, helping them to improve their services through targeted surveys and detailed feedback. This feedback helps organisations to deliver value-for-money products that offer real benefits for citizens. Their wealth of data enables detailed benchmarking and evaluation across a range of sectors. We’re particularly excited for opportunities to create a full engagement funnel with GovMetric, with Hello Lamp Post driving awareness and building community on the ground, and GovMetric gathering detailed feedback and benchmarking data at the point of delivery.

Nic Streatfield – Director said:

“Hello Lamp Post and GovMetric have a shared vision to harness the power of citizen engagement to help shape better, stronger communities. Working with HLP adds an exciting new dimension to our proposition, and really enriches the insight that we can deliver to our clients.”


ECF is a specialist communications and engagement consultancy working across the United Kingdom and Australia. They design and deliver solutions for high profile and challenging projects across the planning, construction, infrastructure and regeneration sectors.

Oliver Deed – Director said:

“Partnering with Hello Lamp Post has opened up a new revenue stream which has fitted seamlessly into our existing sales process. Enhancing our reputation with clients whilst adding to the bottom line makes this partnership a perfect fit for us.”



Traverse believes that an inclusive society that works for everyone must be based on good evidence, and the voices of citizens. Their work spans research, engagement, consultation and evaluation. We worked together in 2019 in Southwark looking to reimagine public spaces and engage the community on issues around Climate Change. We’re particularly excited for opportunities where Traverse can drive rigorous research with Hello Lamp Post and help clients develop scalable evidence based outcomes using findings from our platform.

Rob Francis – Head of Public Sector said:

“A lot of our work at Traverse is about involving people in decisions that affect them, and we’re always keen to find new ways to bring more voices into the mix. Having worked with Hello Lamp Post on some recent projects in London, we’re really keen to develop our relationship and explore how their platform can help us reach deeper into communities on everything from the future of high streets to tackling the climate crisis.”

Become a Partner?

Though the first wave of partnerships is now closed, we will be opening up again in the future.

Please get in touch if you’d like more information or to discuss becoming a partner here.