City of Scottsdale


The City of Scottsdale is already seen as a leader in innovation. As part of the City’s mission to make Scottsdale a smarter, more interactive location, we’re working with three separate government departments: Solid Waste Management, Parks, and Tourism.


Project Goals

  • Solid Waste Management: Making bins interactive to educate and inform residents on waste collection services
  • Parks Department: Help improve the dog park for visitors, especially dog owners
  • Tourism Department: Gather visitor feedback on City-wide events and activities

Project Outcomes

  • Solid Waste Management: Reduced staff time spent responding to calls and queries from the public – improved the efficacy of recycling services
  • Parks Department: Improved relations between the public and Parks Department, helping to inform the planning team to better meet the needs of residents
  • Tourism Department: Improved the quality of information shared with visitors to the City