HLP Location Background

Olympic Park, London, UK

2017 -2020


London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC) is committed to developing a dynamic new heart for East London, creating new opportunities for local people and driving innovation and growth in London and the rest of the UK. LLDC has an ambitious goal of transforming and integrating one of the most challenged areas of the UK into a “world-class, sustainable and thriving neighbourhood” in order to leave a lasting legacy of the Olympics infrastructure, for generations to come in the local community.

Project Goals

  • To add a digital layer to the park which was available 24/7.

  • A reference point for visitors to gain information on a number of redevelopment sites.

  • To inform users about the variety of experiences and activities available in the park.

  • To educate the public on the park's history.

  • A tool for people to share their feedback, opinions and ideas about future improvements to the park.

  • For the LLDC to increase engagement, build trust and improve reputations amongst their audiences.

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Project Action

Project Outcomes

  • Hello Park, for the first time, gave Park users (visitors, local residents, workers and students) immediate and up-to-date information regarding the Park development sites (purpose, timeframes and the benefits they will bring).

  • Hello Park ensured park comms remained inclusive and accessible, which was previously not possible, whilst also handling visitor queries on location.

  • LLDC was able to engage with a higher number of park visitors and local residents.

  • The insights gathered through Hello Lamp Post were able to better inform strategic planning, across 12 redevelopment sites and the park as a whole, which were based on the needs and interests of the community.

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