It’s hard to believe but the end of 2022 is right around the corner. So, to follow Hello Lamp Post tradition, let’s take a moment to look at the successes from the past year and share some of our plans for 2023.

👏 Here are some of our highlights from 2022 👏

Web Summit

We were over the moon to be invited along to Web Summit in Lisbon – one of the biggest tech industry conferences globally.

Attending Web Summit gave Hello Lamp Post an amazing opportunity to showcase our work, network with some brilliant minds in the tech industry, and learn from other companies doing some fantastic work in the tech for good space. Thank you to Microsoft for Startups for inviting us along.

Finalists in the Great British Entrepreneur Awards!

It was an honour and a privilege to reach the finals of the Start-Up Entrepreneur of the Year award. We’re grateful to receive the recognition, and will be keeping everything crossed for a victory next year 🤞 To find out more, click here.

Talking trash at Innovation Week

It’s not often that our Head of Commercial, Dave Worsell, gets to talk trash. But it turns out he’s pretty good at it! 🗑

Hello Lamp Post took part in Digital Leaders Innovation Week in November. We hosted a virtual talk all about how technology is helping the waste management sector around the world. If you’d like to watch the webinar in your own time, you can find the recording here.

Featured on Fox 5 Washington DC News

Hello Lamp Post deployed a public consultation in the City of Hyattsville, to help the City and its local community make Hyattsville a great place to live. The deployment is available in English 🇺🇸 and Spanish 🇪🇸, which helps widen participation amongst citizens.

So what are residents using our platform for?

  • Answering questions about recreational activities and programs in the local area
  • Sharing ideas for how to improve Hyattsville for people who call it home
  • Providing feedback on housing, the local economy, transportation and the climate crisis

If you’d like to find out more about our deployment in Hyattsville 🇺🇸 then you can watch a video about it on Fox News here.

We hosted a webinar and invited some fantastic panellists

We were joined by North Lanarkshire Council and Royal United Hospital Bath 🏥 to discuss how tech can help provide effective health and wellbeing services to communities.

With North Lanarkshire Council, Hello Lamp Post has been:

  • Providing the community with a way to assess their state of mental health
  • Sharing council-approved resources for people in times of need
  • Identifying members of the public who show signs of needing early prevention tactics

And we’ve been helping Royal United Hospital Bath with:

  • Helping patients complete the Friends & Family Test
  • Saving NHS staff time on admin tasks, freeing up more time to support patients

You can watch the recording of ‘Who Really Cares? Transforming Digital Health and Wellbeing Services’ here.

ITV News covered our deployment in Porthmadog, Wales

Menter Mon invited us to help Porthmadog improve its visitor experience, enhance public services and engage with the local community 🤝

We were delighted that ITV News covered the deployment! If you’d like to watch the feature click here, and to find out more about the work we’re doing in Porthmadog, click here.

LGcomms Academy

We were in attendance at LGcomms Academy, a large conference for public sector professionals in the UK. It was a great opportunity to connect with individuals in this industry. 

Hello Lamp Post created several interactive chats for attendees to interact with at various points around the venue, chatting to objects about things like which MP they’d like to see join Matt Hancock on ‘I’m a Celeb’ and where they see new technologies having the biggest impact on the public sector 💡 We had a lot of fun sharing ideas and making new connections.

We chatted with Microsoft

Hello Lamp Post took part in an interview with Microsoft to reveal how we help cities better understand their communities. To read the interview in full, click here.

We launched new deployments!

We’ve launched a bunch of new deployments in 2022, in a number of locations around the world. Check out some of our recent projects 👇

1. Jacksonville Transportation Authority

The Jacksonville Transport Authority (JTA) is making big changes to its public transport network, and Hello Lamp Post is jumping on board to help! Our technology is helping residents find out about the City’s new autonomous vehicles and give feedback about the bus service infrastructure.

2. City of Roseville, Minnesota

The City of Roseville enlisted the help of Hello Lamp Post for a public consultation process. If you’d like to find out more about the deployment, click here.

3. NHS Royal United Hospital (RUH), Bath

Our work with RUH consists of automating the Friends & Family Test, a survey conducted by the NHS to understand whether patients are happy with the service they received and to get feedback on where improvements can be made. It’s used by most NHS services, but it can be time-consuming for staff to get patients to take the survey and to help them complete it correctly. 

To find out more, click here.

4. Nottingham City Council

We’re helping Nottingham City Council and University of Nottingham engage with the local community about climate change, to help the city achieve its goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2028. Click the links to find out more about our work with universities and local and central government.

5. Electric Medway

Ever fancied talking to a crane? 🏗

Thanks to Hello Lamp Post, attendees of the Electric Medway arts festival in Kent were able to! Using our technology, we enabled users to discover the stories of the Medway region’s maritime past while chatting with landmarks around the towns. Our Head of Commercial and Senior Marketing Manager were invited to join a podcast with Electric Medway to chat about the deployment and our technology. Tune in when it goes live!

We love working with organisations to help improve visitor experience and tourism. To find out more, click here.

6. Environment Agency

We continued the work we’re doing with Environment Agency, by launching deployments in more locations! Hello Lamp Post deployed in Newcastle, Devon and Cornwall to raise awareness of flood risks and tidal defence schemes. Find out more about our talking flood defences in the South West and Newcastle.

7. Britain Thinks

Hello Lamp Post was part of The Great Self-Driving Exploration 🚗

We deployed in Manchester, Alnwick and Taunton to find out what the British public thinks about autonomous vehicles. Credit to our partners for the project; Britain Thinks, Department for Transport (DfT), Aurrigo, Centre for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles and UCL Energy Institute.

For more, click here.

We welcomed new team members

2022 saw a bunch of great people join the Hello Lamp Post team!

  • Dave: Head of Commercial 
  • Tash: Community Engagement Representative
  • Rahul: Implementation Manager
  • Isabel: Account Executive, North America
  • Andy: Senior Software Engineer
  • Jack: Content & Marketing Executive
  • Tea: Customer Success Manager

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Public sector trends in 2023 🏛

1. Insights over data

Industries will focus more on insights, instead of data. Building on years of work refining data capture, there will now be a move towards understanding what it means, therefore generating insights.

2. Tech that provides ROI

While the likes of the metaverse and web 3.0 are exciting concepts, the public sector needs tech solutions that deliver return on investment and solve problems that exist today.

3. Artificial intelligence and automation

These tools will be used to enhance people’s ways of working, rather than replace them.

4. Smart Sustainability

Cities are already putting sustainability at the forefront of their plans. Tech will play a bigger role in achieving environmental goals and places becoming more eco-friendly.

Our plans for 2023 💡

We’ve got plenty of exciting things lined up for 2023. We won’t reveal everything right now, but here’s a snippet of what’s to come! 👀

1. Launching our second deployment in Australia with the Greater Sydney Parklands

2. We’ll be starting phase two of our deployment with the City of Scottsdale, helping residents with their waste management questions

3. Expanding the team in the UK and US

4. Expanding our reach – we’ll continue our work with fantastic organisations across all continents; cities, landlords, hospitals, universities, attractions, emergency services, retail spaces, and hopefully much more

5. Making exciting improvements to our platform to help support more organisations, communities and places

There’s been a lot to celebrate this year at Hello Lamp Post:

  • Launching deployments with some brilliant public sector organisations 🤝
  • Forming new connections in the industry 💡
  • Bringing new people onto the team 👋

We’re already excited to get stuck into next year and see what we can achieve 🚀 We want to sign off by saying a massive thank you to everyone who we’ve worked with, chatted to or been inspired by over the last 12 months 👏

If you’d like find out more about the work we’re doing to bring public spaces closer to their communities, head to our sectors page. Or if you’re interested in seeing how we can work together, get in touch with our engagement team 📧