Menter Mon


Menter Mon invited us to help Porthmadog improve its visitor experience, enhance local services and engage with its community. As part of the deployment, we collaborated with independent business owners across the town, to turn their sites into interactive objects that can chat with tourists and the community in Welsh and English.

Project Goals

  • Obtain insight that can help improve Porthmadog as a tourist destination
  • Encourage visitors to take the Welsh Highland Railway and shop with local businesses
  • Gauge community sentiment on a number of key council issues

Project Outcomes

  • Reduced the cost of gathering visitor feedback
  • Reduced staff time spent on answering public queries
  • Improved the relationship between the council and local businesses
  • Improved visitor experience; increased dwell time and spending

The ‘Hello Port’ project is innovative in its use of smart technology to gather the views and attitudes of residents and visitors to Porthmadog.

Llywelyn Rhys, Porthmadog Town Council