In Colchester


We’re providing In Colchester with an interactive persona for their consumer brand and website. The persona takes the form of a chat widget and can answer questions from visitors and residents about things to do in town – events, shopping, dining, entertainment, etc.

As the town’s Business Improvement District, In Colchester represents over 400 businesses in the town centre. They’ve enlisted our support to create a more effective interactive chat tool for the website of their consumer brand, In Colchester.

Project Goals

  • Respond to FAQs in a timely manner
  • Share information about things to do in town – dining, shopping, entertainment
  • Make the In Colchester site a more interactive place to visit

Project Outcomes

  • 111 working days saved for the In Colchester team to respond to common visitor enquiries
  • Increased the average session time for visitors to the In Colchester website