North Lanarkshire Council


North Lanarkshire Council is the fourth largest local authority in Scotland, serving 350,000 people. The region has experienced growing numbers of suicides since 2017 and has deployed Hello Lamp Post at three locations identified as areas of concerns. We are providing the community with a place-based way to access mental health support and resources in times of need. Our platform is available 24/7 and can tailor resources towards adults and under-18s.

Project Goals

  • Provide the community with easy access to important mental health support
  • Promote wellness activities and advice
  • Help to reduce rates of suicide within the community

Project Outcomes

  • One in three users have been referred to vital mental health support and guidance
  • In the town of Airdrie, one person identified themselves as ‘at-risk’ within 24 hours of activation
  • 23% of people using the service have been immediately signposted to emergency support – these interactions could have saved their lives