NHS Royal United Hospital Bath


We’re working with Royal United Hospital (RUH), an NHS acute-care hospital in Bath, to help reduce administrative burdens on hospital staff. Supporting two wards: Urgent Care and Orthopaedic Outpatient, RUH is using our interactive chat platform to automate the Friends and Family Test (FFT) – an evaluation tool used by hospitals in the UK, which is valuable but time-consuming.

Project Goals

  • Increase FFT completion rate amongst discharged patients
  • Save time for nurses spent on asking patients to complete the form and helping them to fill it out
  • Automate tasks for administrative staff

Project Outcomes

  • Feedback rate from patients and carers has increased from 2% to 70%
  • Increased completion rate of the Friends & Family Test
  • Saved the Trust £11 per hour on staffing costs
  • Saved 300 hours of staff time per department, per annum
  • Gathered detailed feedback. For example, 58% of Orthopaedic patients said the care they received was good and 5% said there could be areas for improvement