Malmö, Sweden


Focusing on sustainability, Hello Malmo engaged with people in the coastal area of the city. The city council had launched several initiatives to help achieve five of the 17 global Sustainable Development Goals, set out by the United Nations. The deployment shared information with residents about initiatives taking place locally, by making several points of interest around the coastal district of Malmo interactive.

We empowered the community to participate in environmental issues, by inviting them to contribute their own thoughts and suggestions as to how Malmo can support the UN’s vision. The deployment added a digital interactive tool to the city, including around Nordic Clean Energy Week 2018.

Project Goals

  • Share the UN’s sustainability goals in a digestible, accessible format
  • Identify perspectives on environmental initiatives to help inform future policy
  • Increase engagement in key issues like renewable energy and protecting the ocean’s ecosystem

Project Outcomes

  • This was a follow-up deployment to a pilot project in 2017 and saw an increase in engagement of 75%
  • Engaged with citizens on a mass scale
  • Citizens engaged with the following topics:
    • Life below water: 31.5%
    • Renewable energy: 19.1%
    • Quality Education: 15.9%
    • Responsible Consumption: 14.3%
    • Climate Action: 12.7%
    • Transport: 6.4%