University of British Columbia, Canada


As a university with over 70,000 students and 18,000 faculty and staff across two campuses, University of British Columbia (UBC) has the challenge – both practical and financial – of sharing information and connecting with a huge number of people.

In order to increase the efficiency of staff working practices and enhance the student experience, UBC enlisted the help of our technology across a number of departments: Parking & Transportation, Campus Planning, Recycling & Waste, Sustainability, Student Housing & Community Services, Food Services, Conferences & Accommodation, Academic Research and the Campus Bookstore. We also implemented a chat widget to UBC’s parking website to respond to FAQs.

Project Goals

  • Automate time-consuming, repetitive tasks for campus admin staff
  • Provide students with a platform to engage with university initiatives, departments and updates
  • Identify areas to improve the student, staff and visitor experience

Project Outcomes

  • Reduced strain on staff – saving 126.5+ working days annually
  • Promoted UBC’s vision across campus
  • Insight into the opinions and behaviours of campus users, on topics like modes of transport, recycling and campus facilities