Environment Agency


As an organisation that operates on a national level, Environment Agency has previously struggled to scale public engagement while maximising localisation. We’re helping them to execute engagement strategies across the UK, customising each deployment to the challenges and goals of each specific region.

The deployments are designed to educate members of the public on environmental issues, like flooding and coastal erosion in a digestible way. We’ve activated relevant objects and places in impacted, high footfall areas, such as flood gates, flood defences, school gates and beaches.

Project Goals

  • Boost engagement levels without compromising on the need for location-specific messaging
  • Aid the public in better understanding the environmental risks and challenges that their community faces
  • Direct users in flooding hotspots to sign up to flood warnings
  • Improve cost-efficiency
  • Reduce Environment Agency’s carbon footprint for community engagement

Project Outcomes

We’re proud to be helping the Environment Agency with…

  • Reducing engagement costs per capita ~92%
  • Avoiding £1.24m spend on alternative engagement activities, to date
  • Reducing carbon footprint by 20.71 tonnes, to date
  • Engaging with the public 24/7/365, for the first time
  • Increasing community preparedness, engagement and reach, compared to previous years
  • Gathering new public sentiment & opinion data

“Finding new and interesting ways to engage people is key. And using Hello Lamp Post technology will help make us more relevant to a newer audience who prefer texting.” – Liz Taylor, Flood Resilience Engagement Advisor