Sydney, Australia


We’re working with Sydney Harbour Federation Trust to encourage visitors to learn more about their fascinating heritage sites. By striking up a text-based conversation with objects at six key locations, the Trust’s visitors can immerse themselves in the rich history of these places. Our technology has made a variety of landmarks interactive, with the ability to share cultural information and gather feedback from the community about their visit to the Trust.

Project Goals

  • Enhance the Harbour Trust’s iconic heritage destinations with a playful, digital experience
  • Provide visitors with a simple, paperless means of giving feedback to the Trust
  • Save Trust staff time spent on responding to customer enquiries
  • Widen participation amongst underrepresented communities

Project Outcomes

  • Saved staff 736 days of staff time on customer support tasks
  • Saved the Trust $268,923 on gathering feedback from their community (based on an annual salary of $95,000)
  • Visitors who identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders were represented through our platform by 33% above the national average

“This innovative and fun technology has provided another avenue for the Harbour Trust to connect with our community and visitors” – Harbour Trust.