Utrecht, Netherlands


Funded by the city of Utrecht, RAUM is an arts and design programme which deployed Hello Lamp Post to engage with citizens about the future of their local area, through art and design installations. The deployment included a visualisation period, where the data gathered was shared publicly with the community for free. By giving the data back to the public, we empowered Utrecht citizens, policymakers, planners, designers and officials to use the data for the benefit of the people who provided it.

Project Goals

  • Gather citizen perceptions about Utrecht’s ownership and what improvements could be made to local areas
  • Find out how citizens feel they can help to shape the city
  • Hello Lamp Post investigated what kinds of spaces, places, functions and programs citizens and artists would like to see around their future city
  • To find out more about the role of citizens, in shaping the future of Utrecht

Project Outcomes

  • Insights have been used by policymakers and urban planners to make improvements to areas in Utrecht
  • The majority of participants were optimistic about the urban development of Utrecht and were pleased to be consulted about future plans
  • Users felt like they held a strong connection to the city
  • Some people were concerned about commercial developments, particularly around central station and the success of the Leidsche Rijn area, and the future of social cohesion and the community
  • There were some citizens who were apathetic towards the changes, with a lack of engagement on any of the issues highlighted

“To imagine a future where there is no way to communicate with objects is, for me, now harder to imagine” Daniëlle Arets, Curator – RAUM