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Belfast, Northern Ireland


Hello Maritime Mile was designed to collect passive insights on tourists’ behaviours and their suggestions for the area. Many regional partners were involved, including: The City of Belfast, Titanic Foundation, Tourism Northern Ireland and The University of Ulster. Several historical sites within the Maritime Quarter: Titanic Belfast, HMS Caroline, SS Nomadic and The Great Light all become interactive reference points for visitors to the area to strike up playful, engaging and education conversations on cultural and maritime history.

Project Goals

  • Organisations involved with this area of Belfast lacked the digital tools to enhance the visitor experience beyond the physical landmarks. Hello Lamp Post was brought on to help increase footfall, visitor dwell times and obtaining citizen feedback, in the local area.

  • Hello Maritime Mile added a new experiential, digital layer to the area, allowing visitors to have a self-propelled experience of the city.

  • With a focus on tourism and cultural placemaking, Hello Maritime Mile was deployed to encourage visitors to stay longer, visit more attractions and increase spending.

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Project Action

Project Outcomes

  • Belfast City Council was able to develop attractions more attuned to specific interests and needs of individuals, by gathering deeper insights into tourist behaviours.

  • The city is planning on implementing these insights into their city-wide smart city strategy and future tourism projects.

  • Hello Maritime Mile has enabled the gathering of these interests and needs, which were previously inaccessible.

  • Improved visitor satisfaction, sentiment and participation across users and families of all ages, from all six continents.

  • Tourism thrived and the industry connected with new audiences, by encouraging visitors to explore beyond some of Belfast's most popular attractions.

  • The project was awarded 'Best Use of Digital Technology to Improve the Visitor Experience' at the 2019 Northern Ireland Tourism Awards.

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