Southwark, London


Due to the area’s proximity to Central London and the River Thames, Southwark Council were looking to engage with their local community on the key issues of air pollution and flood risk. The deployment communicated information about how the council plans to overcome its environmental challenges, as well as sharing advice on how to tackle climate change.

Southwark Council is part of the 80% of councils in the UK to have declared a climate emergency. Reaching their ambitious environmental goals will require understanding and collaboration with their community. In order to maximise efforts, we invited people in five locations in Southwark to share their own ideas and views on how the community could make a positive impact.

Project Goals

  • Increase communication channels between Southwark Council and its under-represented and diverse communities
  • Raise awareness within the community about the impact of climate change on the area
  • Gather suggestions from residents on how to achieve the council’s environmental targets

Project Outcomes

  • A stronger understanding of climate change issues within the community
  • Empowered residents to share ideas for how to improve recycling efforts and reduce traffic congestion
  • Southwark Council can make more informed decisions on matters concerning its community